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Life Changing Experience Just Watching an Animation for 6 Minutes

I am having a life changing experience just by watching an animation 6 minutes a day.

Diamond Alignment, a Sacred Technology



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Keeping Your Senior Loved One’s Memory Conditioned

For many seniors who have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, the future can look grim. For the spouse of a senior who is trying to help in any way they can, there are some memory care options. These can be done at home, or with seniors who want to live in centers that specialize in memory care.

The care of a senior spouse can be trying, especially when they lose memories. It can be dangerous, when a loved when becomes angry. Angry because they are confused and feeling degraded. But, luckily there are some programs that can help to aid in the prevention of rapid memory degradation.

Crossword puzzles and trivia are great tools that you can have at home. They are cheap, easy and relatively entertaining. If you prefer to them alone, then by all means train your brain. But, it can prove to be an entertaining “game night,” if you gather some people together. That way training your brain can become fun. These puzzles and games are able to help in cognitive recognition for many people who have suffered strokes, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries), patients with dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The key is in the fact that you are looking for sequences, and patterns. This constant attention to detail keeps the brain active, and energized. Another routine that you can work on is exercise, the physical type. Senior yoga, Tai Chi and other low-impact routines are great for your body and your mind. Some seniors have even enjoyed working out in the pool. It can prove to be a social activity. The reason that researchers are advising many patients with dementia to work out is simply because it keeps the body flowing in a healthy way. The beta-amyloid is the protein that causes Alzheimer’s, so working out decreases their production.

What are you waiting for? Get off the computer or wait until you read the rest thoroughly first.

Other activities are social, including clubs, dances, parties, country line dancing, card games, sewing circles, and anything else that will get you and your spouse out there. By becoming an active member in the community, you will have not only the benefit of friends, but these interactions keep your brain happy and healthy.

Other activities include knitting, crocheting, sweeping, and other activities that require you to become active in the community. Also, read the newspaper and keep updated with the things that are going on in the nation, and community. Discussing recent news stories with your spouse and family, can aid in the ability to ensure that your spouse will have something to converse with others about.

It would also be useful for you to check my previous blog post about a nutritional source that is helping several people with dementia.



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Young Tissue Extract (YTE) and Laminine

This could be one of the best kept secrets that the health industry doesn’t want us to know about.
University of Colorado has done clinical studies of YTE for low sex drive, depression, and low stamina. The doctor who discovered it had good results with healing cancer, but the establishment blocked him. Athletes are using it to perform better. It raises serotonin and reduces cortisol.
It is the base ingredient for laminine  which is an amazing nutritional product.

This is a video news report about the doctor who originally discovered YTE.
It discusses the doctors results in treating cancer with YTE.



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